Take Action

Join our groups and help us spread the word. We need your help.

Here is what we recommend so that we can help our children and finally get the medical establishment to take action and treat the epidemic of what is now known as autism. If you believe that your child is not reaching his or her full potential and that the medical establishment should focus on safe, effective, and medically proactive treatment for these children, one of the first items of action is to sign up for our newsletter by contacting us at office@neuroimmunedr.com.

We are recommended a top-to-bottom approach by first contacting upper levels of the medical community, your individual doctors, and your representatives and congressmen. Remember, to-date, autism has been classified as an irreversible condition and we need to use every means available to change this outdated belief that is hurting your children. We understand the daily demands of parents whose children have been classified as “autistic,” but we need your involvement now!