An Answer to the Healthcare Crisis

Our nation is facing an imminent disaster. Exploding healthcare costs and an increase in disabling diseases are putting our healthcare system and our country in dire jeopardy. If you look at the charts to the right, you will see the astonishing growth in a large variety of chronic and debilitating diseases, such as autism, ADHD, CFS, Alzheimer’s, multiple autoimmune and/or viral related disorders (i.e., diabetes, Lupus, MS, and rheumatoid diseases), cancers (also showing a stressed/dysfunctional immune system component), and others. There are enormous costs involved in the care of all of the people who are affected by each disease.

Critical Research Needs

It is absolutely critical that we concentrate our funding for research and treatments in the right areas. In the case of autism, we are spending large amounts of precious research dollars investigating behavioral interventions, genetic causes, and early intervention, when what really needs to be understood is the medical physiology behind the disease process. This is the only way to find safe and effective treatments for children suffering from NIDS, and an ultimate lowering of health and education costs for all.

New technology sensitive enough to detect immune system anomalies is desperately needed to advance NIDS research. Specialists must join together to develop integrated research, focusing on this as a complex immune/complex viral disease and examining the highly interrelated systems that are affected. Due to the complex nature of this disease, research protocols used must be carefully developed so as to be accurate and thorough. All of this will NOT happen if the medical community as a whole keeps pretending a disease like “autism” is an epidemic of a previously rare developmental disorder.

What We Can Do: A Call to Action

We need to demand that our doctors and our government stop going down the wrong road and dragging us behind them. They have pledged to protect our health and our rights as citizens and human beings. This is not happening, and while we wait for action, more and more of our children are falling victim to this tragic disease. Should this be happening to the children of the most medically and technologically advanced country in the world? It’s time to consider that our children—our most precious national resource –are being denied their most basic of human rights by this ongoing misdirection.