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Next, print this website and mail it to your pediatrician and ask him or her to examine this information. We recommend that you follow-up with a phone call one week later to see if your pediatrician has reviewed it. If necessary, remind your pediatrician that it takes very little time to review this information and that you are requesting this because this issue is very important to your family. We are trying to get the message across that these children who have been diagnosed with autism are really ill, fall under the pediatrician’s training for children, and deserve to have a chance to reach their full potential, recover, or make substantial gains in hopes that they will be able to lead happy, fulfilling, and independent lives. Tell your pediatrician how your family has been devastated by receiving this diagnosis, and at minimum, you expect help receiving appropriate treatment and advice from the medical establishment. All children deserve to have a chance to succeed. If we do not take action now by demanding recognition of this as an illness, proactive treatment, and one day an expected cure, we cannot expect that our government (local or national) is going to have the resources to take care of our children as adults because they have been misclassified as having a non-treatable, non-fixable disorder.

Next, ask your family members, such as your children’s aunts, uncles, and friends, to talk to their child’s pediatrician about this issue. We need to spread the word that a disorder such as autism, which was formerly 1-10,000 cases but now 1-91 or even higher in some areas, cannot be caused by a developmental disorder but can only be the result of a serious disease process.

These action items that we are asking all parents to do take very little time and are critically important if we hope to change anything for our children. We are asking for the medical world to look at the evidence that we have provided on this website, finally recognize that this epidemic is a disease, and coordinate with the pharmaceutical industry in order to devise safe effective medicines.